Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Building ESL Programs

Every article I find shows that our services are necessary to build a learning program that includes families who speak English as a second language. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2009) states:

3) Communicate with families in a language they can understand. It is essential that families receive oral and written communication from the teacher and center staff in a language they can understand best. Translate written documents such as classroom newsletters into families' home language(s). If you use a free online translation service, be sure to have someone who speaks the language proof read the document for accuracy. (http://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc/tta-system/family/Family%20and%20Community%20Partnerships/New%20Parental%20Involvement/Engaging%20Parents/StrategiesforCo.htm)

The same article also states:

Be sure to have a system in place wherein families can provide feedback such as suggestions, comments or questions to the center. This may be a point of contact in the center who speaks the language of the families or perhaps families can provide written feedback and center staff are able to later translate it. 

Advocate Latino (www.advocatelatino.com) can provide these services. We cannot promise that we can solve every communication problem, but we can provide a lot of assistance. If a particular school is having difficulties with academic performance or behavior, I believe that the extra communication we provide will help. Parents will feel like they have someone who they can call, and that their voices are being heard. Their feelings will be passed on to their children, and a difference will be seen in the classroom and the school.

We will not only do this job well, but we will also do it at a great price. We realize that districts are on a tight budget. If you read some older posts, you will see that we can service 10 students at about $1,000 per year. This includes everything--check in calls; sixty minutes of two way (liaison-type calls), three way (interpreter-type calls), or FaceTime calls (interpreter-type calls with video); a 1-800 number for your parents to call; and whatever else we can do to help (translating documents and interpreting for conferences is extra, but not expensive). Any other business that does the same services is going to be much more expensive.

Go to www.advocatelatino.com to register today. Registration is easy. It should take about two minutes at the most. It is also free. Once you register, you are automatically signed up for the free trial. Because we are a new company, we are trying to build a customer base and a good reputation. Therefore, we are not asking for credit card information or asking for any type of commitment at this point. It is a true free trial.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Eric (cell): 715-821-0116
Ary (main number): 715-350-2277
Ary (toll free): 800-378-5354

Tengan cuidado amigos!


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