Monday, March 18, 2013

Addition to the First Two Blogs

It looks like this blog has generated some interest around the world. I appreciate that you have taken the time to read it. I welcome any comments.

I just wanted to let you know how Advocate Latino ( suggests you send translated documents home. First, you would have us translate it. We would send the document to you, and you could print it out and disperse it to your students. Then, we would call all of the parents receiving it so that they know it is coming. There have been many times when papers have been sent home, and I have gotten little or no response. I think the students are overwhelmed with papers, and they don't realize that what you are sending home is important. Sometimes it is something that they don't want their parents to see. We would also do follow-up calls if necessary.

I like this idea better than what might be customary--maybe a letter that was translated using a machine translator like Google Translate or maybe one that was translated by a human. And then, the teacher waits, frustrated, as the letters don't come back. Or, they find out in a couple weeks that the parents had no idea a letter was sent out. Usually, teachers don't take the time to do calls as well. They don't have the time. However, I think it is a great opportunity for the school to make a connection with the parents. It's difficult to do this when the teacher does not speak the parents language. Also remember that some parents cannot read, so sending out a letter does no good. Sometimes no one in the family can read in Spanish or English.

This is why Advocate Latino ( suggests you use our services. Having us make these phone calls is now affordable. We will follow up until everyone understands. If we give this extra effort, no families should be left in the dark. Students should do better in school. Parents will feel like they are part of the process. Everyone will feel valued and important.

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